Short Term Rental Solutions

The Water Delivery Company are one of the UK’s leading water suppliers. We can provide both long and short term rentals for companies in and around London. With over 10 years of experience, we know what works and can provide an extensive range of hydration solutions.

Sometimes you may need a water cooler for a short amount of time. Our flexible short term deals vary from as little as one day and can be supplied for up to three months. Should you need to extend your rental for longer than three months, we can easily arrange to do so.

Be it an event, a construction site or a temporary office, The Water Delivery Company are here to help. We stock two different water cooler options for short term rental. The first is the Archway Water Cooler and our other option is the Apex Water Cooler.

Short term rentals are great for an easy and reliable solution to clean, drinking access water. The Water Delivery Company are based in Wimbledon and make daily deliveries in and around central London, meaning you can access more water quickly if necessary.

Receive exceptional and personal customer service with The Water Delivery Company.

At The Water Delivery Company, we pride ourselves on our proficiency and flexibility to ensure that each customer receives the service they desire. To receive a bespoke quotation or for further information, please do not hesitate to contact one of the sales team on 0330 123 3309 or email us on

The Water Delivery Company
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