Our Spring Water Quality

At The Water Delivery Company, we pride ourselves on supplying our customers with high quality spring water for their bottled water coolers. We deliver spring water in both 19 and 12 litre bottles to customers across the UK. Our spring water is drawn by a specialist water company located in Wiltshire.

Fonthill has been supplying and distributing high quality spring water since 2000. We have developed a firm long-term relationship with Fonthill and have been distributing their water over the past seven years. They supply high quality English spring water from a protected source that is set in the hills of Fonthill Bishop Estate, in Wiltshire.

Fonthill is an ISO 9001 registered company, which demonstrates their commitment to the quality of their water.

What distinguishes this water from the rest, is that it is naturally filtered through limestone rock before is emerges from boreholes close to Penning and Berwick wells. The water has a light, refreshing taste and a well-balanced mineral composition.

The pH value of the water is typically 7.5 and contains the following naturally dissolved minerals – Calcium 92, Magnesium 10.7, Potassium 2.33, Sodium 7, Potassium 0.3 & Nitrates 17 (mg/l).

All of our spring water is bottled at one source and originates from a natural spring. This naturally filtered water is bottled daily in a secure and clean environment to insure the water’s constant integrity.

We uphold a strict code of practice and our water is tested daily to ensure the quality of both the water and bottling methods are maintained. Fonthill is fully approved by the UK and EEC governmental. It is also approved by the British Water Cooler Association.

Our bottled water has a shelf life of between six months and a year.

For more information on our water quality standards or on the cost of our water, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0845 006 3309.


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