RECUP | The Used Disposable Water Cup Solution

We now have the perfect solution for your used disposable water cups. The Water Delivery Company are introducing the RECUP. An innovated design which makes disposing of your used cups easier and more economic. Here are some of the great reasons you should get a RECUP holder.

RECUP was Specially Designed with Space in Mind

The RECUP was designed specifically for disposable water cups. Its design blends in with your water cooler and looks great.

Small Footprint, Large Capacity

The cups are stacked on top of each other taking up more than a tenth of the space of a normal dustbin. 1 RECUP bag = 7 Bin bags worth of common waste. The RECUP can store up to 150 cups and takes 2 weeks for 15 users using a cup a day to fill it.

Recycling Made Easy

RECUP helps separation for recycling. By using RECUP you are automatically separating your paper cups from other office waste therefore making it simple and easy to recycle once the RECUP is full.

Great Economic Investment

Why should you buy a RECUP? Despite its stylish design and recycling advantages another great benefit of a RECUP is the amount of money you will save on bin bags. The RECUP is simple to replace, saving time and money.

Simple and Effective

The RECUP is simple to use, easy to change and does the job perfectly. It also minimises waste and looks great next to your water cooler.

Health and Safety

By using a RECUP you are minimising the bacteria that could arise from a normal dustbin. The RECUP design does not release any nasty smells, adding to a cleaner and more hygienic atmosphere.

The Water Delivery Company pride ourselves on our high quality products and services. Should you wish to know any more information about the RECUP feel free to call us on 0330 123 3309 or drop us an email at


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