World Water Day 2016

The United Nations’ World Water Day is held on the 22nd March annually to promote access to clean and fresh drinking water for everyone around the world. Numerous events are organised on this day within the workplace and schools to raise awareness for this cause.

World Water Day draws vital attention to the ongoing environmental, agricultural and health issues related to the lack of clean and fresh water around the world. This is predominately done through visual arts, musical celebrations and water based sports competitions such as swimming and boat races.The_Water_Delivery_Company_2016_water_Day

World Water Day was created as part of Agenda 21, a worldwide action plan for areas where human activities may affect the environment.

A staggering 783 million people on this planet do not have access to clean water. This day is used to highlight the importance of raising both awareness and funds to put in place appropriate measures to help people have access to basic resources.

The United Nations’ General Assembly adopted this resolution over 25 years ago. Its aim continues to educate first world countries on the issue of lack of water around the world and to encourage people to develop activities to highlight local needs for water.

The Water Delivery Company believes strongly in the importance of promoting access to and preserving sources of clean drinking water for people across the globe.

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