Construction Site Necessities

The_Water_Delivery_Company_Construction_hateOrganising the necessities for a construction site can be a large task. One of the main aspects is water. It is vital that your workers have access to clean water at all times. Luckily here at The Water Delivery Company, we are on hand to supply you with both long term and short term water cooler rentals. Our contracts are flexible and can beThe_Water_Delivery_Company_Construction_hate customized to the length of your construction contract. Below are some of the main water essentials you need to take into consideration.



Toilets are a must. Toilets should be ventilated and kept in a clean, orderly and working condition.

Washing Facilities

Washing facilities are compulsory and must be easily accessible to the construction workers. General washing facilities must be supplied and must include clean running water with soap or other means of sanitisation. Towels or means of drying are also compulsory.

Drinking Water

As we know. Drinking water is an essential part to everyone’s day. Especially when there is manual labour involved. Water must be readily accessible on site. Cups are required unless the water is supplied in the form of a drinking water fountain.

Changing Rooms

Changing facilities are needed when workers have to wear specialised clothing on site. Rooms must be provided with seating and a place for employees to store their clothes and valuables.


Restrooms or areas with seating must be provided with arrangements for meals to be prepared plus a means to boiling water. We all know how important cups of tea are.

We supply a range of different water coolers and fountains to suit all needs. Should you require any further information feel free to visit our rentals page. Alternatively give one of our friendly, experienced customer care team a call on 0845 500 4455

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