Water Coolers for Construction

If you are in the construction industry you are aware that you have to abide by strict responsibilities regarding your welfare facilities on construction projects. We are here to ensure that staying in line with UK health and safety regulations is not as big of a struggle as it may seem.

At The Water Delivery CompanyThe-Water-Delivery-Company-coolers-in-construction our aim to help you fulfil all the legal requirements of fresh drinking water on your site or even for your office.  We supply workspaces in and around London with bespoke rental agreements for water coolers and bottle refills. The best part is that we deliver it straight to your requested location.

According to the UK health and safety regulations construction may not start until the appropriate welfare facilities are provided.  Furthermore, you will have to ensure that these facilities are maintained for the entire duration of the project.

These basic facilities required by law cover access to clean drinking water, toilets, washing facilities, rest facilities and change rooms. The water supply needs to be free of contaminants and placed in areas that are easy accessed by employees on site.

Quantities must also be taken into consideration. The nature of the work as well as the site environment will influence how much water you will need and where you can place the water facilities.

You will have to consider accessories like cups that will need to be provided for water coolers. Water systems like mains fed water coolers and drinking fountains need to be connected to municipal pipes.

We provide water bottle refills in bulk to ensure that you have the adequate quantity of drinking water. As we know construction periods vary a lot. We have specially crafted rentals agreements of our water systems to meet both short term and long term periods.  These agreements also cover maintenance so that another worry is off your plate.

If you are interested in renting a water cooler or buying water in bulk, please do not hesitate to contact our team of experts on 0330 123 3309 for a quote.

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