Water Purification Standards in the U.K

Water purification standards in the U.K are some of the highest in the world, ensuring that the public only consumes clean and safe purified water. Once water has undergone the purification process it is free from any harmful bacteria or viruses, and is safe for human consumption.

Standards set out by the EU Water Drinking Directive:

While tap water may have a slight yellow colouring due to the iron in the plumbing pipes, filtered water should always be completely clear in colour. Any impurities that may be in the water should be completely removed during the filtration process.

This occurs when there is excess air bubbles in the water, causing the water to take on a milky texture and colour. Air bubbles should be removed during the filtration process either by chemical or other filtration methods.

This is part of the filtration process whereby an electrified metal rod is passed through the water to measure the percentage of mineral salts which are present.The-Water-Delivery-Company-water-purification-standards

Fluoride occurs naturally in water at varying levels. Some water bottling companies add additional fluoride to their water in order to meet the requirements set out by local health authorities.

Varying levels of aluminium also occur naturally in water, depending on the source. Certain purification methods involve adding then removing aluminium in order to destroy impurities in the water.

This chemical naturally starts to build in water during any treatment and purification process that involves using ozone. Strict regulations are kept to ensure that the levels of bromate that are found in purified water are kept at a minimum.

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