Different Types of Water Coolers

Searching for water coolers can at times feel daunting with numerous options out there. We thought it was about time we gave you some guidance into what machine may be right for you.

At The Water Delivery Company we specialise in both bottle fed and plumbed in water dispensers.

We offer an array of bottled water coolers, from hot and cold counter-top units to floor standing room temperature and cold machines.

Whether you wish to take the dispenser on a rental basis or purchase the unit outright we have you covered.

The Water Delivery Company would always recommend the rental of the water cooler for a number of reasons, level of service, cost and convenience.

From our customer service team’s regular contact ensuring all your needs are met to our drivers’ prompt and punctual deliveries, the level of service that we provide is second to none.

With regards to cost and convenience, our extremely competitive rental rates eradicate a large initial fee. The agreement will also ensure that any issues with the machine are covered by ourselves as quickly and efficiently as possible.


We also have the capability to service and deliver water bottles to rental customers throughout London on a weekly basis, while offering a monthly national distribution.

Alternatively, if you wish to purchase a bottle fed machine, this is not an issue either.

When it comes to mains fed machines, we offer an extensive range of units perfect for an office, school, university or hospital.

One of our most popular units for a high-use environment would be the Elite Floor Standing Water Cooler.

This unit hosts Direct Chill technology, whereby water passes directly from the mains to the dispensing point via a stainless steel coil, which is in close contact to another coil containing cooling gas.

As the water moved straight from the mains fed to the output the risk of contamination is radically decreased, maintaining exceptional hygiene standards. In addition a UV lamp can also be fitted to further eradicate 99.99% of water-borne bacteria.

For further information on any of our products please do not hesitate our sales team on quotations@thewaterdeliverycompany.com or by calling 0330 123 3309.

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