Spring Water vs Tap Water

There is a lot of literature online debating the spring water or tap water question. Obviously, we are of the belief that bottled spring water is the winner here and thought we’d give you a few reasons explaining why.

Personally, the idea of drinking recycled sewage isn’t the most appealing thing in the world and neither is the process which takes place to make this water consumable.


Chemicals such as Chlorine are added to disinfect the water and kill of any disease-causing bacteria that may be present in the water pipes or other industrial materials. Although while this process is paramount to creating drinkable tap water, Chlorine can cause serious harm to the body with it being linked to cancer of the bladder and prompting a growth in food allergies.

Another chemical added to water is Fluoride, originally as a method of strengthening tooth enamel to ensure a reduction in decay and tooth loss. However, with this questionable preventative measure a link to several health problems has been made including stomach pains and indigestion.

One of the most alarming issues with tap water are the dangers posed while being transported through rusty lead piping. The corrosion of plumbing materials introduces lead into the water and cause adverse health effects, particularly in children who may experience learning disabilities, a decreased attention span and slower physical and mental development.

Here at The Water Delivery Company we prefer to adopt the more natural hydrological cycle, absent of chemicals and bottle our water at source.

The bottled water that we supply and deliver all over London will remineralise the brain and help the body maintain an alkaline state.

Hydration is key whether it be in your workplace or home and we would love you to consider swapping the tap for one of our water cooler rentals and bottled water delivery service.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact one of our team members on 03301233309.

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