Why Water Is Important For Fitness


There are many people who don’t hydrate as much as the body actually needs you to. Particularly those who don’t like the taste of filtered tap or bottled water. This becomes especially alarming if you’re an athlete who underestimates the importance of proper hydration. Whether you’re a weightlifter, body builder, martial artist or just a regular gym junkie, water is not only critical to your competitive success but your overall health too. Crohn’s and Colitis UK study outlines that dehydration is usually described as mild, moderate, or severe, according to how much body weight has been lost due to fluid loss. And you definitely want to avoid severe hydration as much as possible.

Because your blood is essentially 82% water, this means that there are a number of vital organs that are predominantly composed of H2O. For example, your brain is essentially 95% water while your lungs are nearly 90%. This makes water the most important nutrient for health, growth and development. If your body becomes too dehydrated you’ll begin to experience impaired neuromuscular coordination and decreased concentration levels.

Additionally, in terms of affecting your performance as a fit person, a lack of water can reduce your endurance, decrease strength and you can begin to experience cramping and slow muscular response.

How Much Water Do You Require?

A fairly inactive person with an average urban lifestyle requires at least 8-12 cups of water a day. However, this is far too low for any type of professional or enthusiastic athlete. Body builders in particular will drink almost double this amount in order to ensure proper hydration while working out or partaking in strenuous activities and events.

Depending on your height, weight and perspiration rate, you’ll lose a fair amount of water per hour of exercise. The climate will also affect how much moisture your body loses during a workout. This can range from 4 cups per hour to even 8 cups if you’re exerting yourself to the max.

How To Stay Hydrated With Ease

Water has a wide range of health benefits, which makes it a huge priority for any athlete. For example, it aids circulation and helps the body’s cooling system. By the time you’re actually thirsty it’s too late, because your body is already dehydrated. Therefore you can’t rely on just drinking when you feel thirsty, instead you should try to have a glass of water every hour or so that you’re awake throughout the day.

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