Are Your Colleagues Drinking Enough Water?


Staying hydrated at work is an essential part of maintaining a healthy body, this is why you need to keep drinking water throughout the day. However, there are more benefits than just our basic survival to drinking enough water. For example, it’s vital for boosted productivity and activities that require extensive brain power. This means it can definitely affect your performance at work, and pretty much everywhere else.

8 Reasons to Hydrate

It’s easy enough to get yourself into a routine of staying hydrated at work periodically, but if you’re managing a team to success, how can you encourage colleagues to drink enough water to remain as productive as possible? Here are our top 8 reasons you can use to convince your peers to hydrate more:

  1. Keeping your body’s fluid balance helps to transport nutrients throughout the body, regulating temperature and even digest food.
  2. If you’ve eaten a large lunch and feel sluggish, drinking a glass of water can help boost your energy levels for a meeting or work sprint.
  3. If you experience back pain or even stiffness from sitting at work too much, water can reduce joint pain and muscle aches.
  4. Suffering from screen headaches? Or even worse the glare from that fluorescent office light. Hydrating can help to alleviate this kind of pain too.
  5. For those watching their weight, water is calorie-free and so much better for your teeth.
  6. When tackling intense tasks, hydrating can improve cognitive abilities and several mental functions, boosting your brain power!
  7. Your skin is usually healthier when you hydrate often, dehydration can make your skin look really deflated and wrinkled.
  8. If you are suffering from work-stress related conditions, water can help with lowering blood pressure and even your cholesterol.

The easiest way to facilitate people performing at their best in terms of hydration, is to make it easy to reach really good drinking water. By installing drinking fountains and water dispensers throughout the office, you can ensure there is water nearby and encourage your colleagues to drink as often as possible.

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