Renault Twizy Sanitisation fleet

Renault Twizy now on the road

We have been looking around for a few years for a suitable electric vehicles to add to our fleet of trucks – and finally we have found one suited to one part of our business.

Our sanitisation engineers run around London five days a week ensuring that customers water coolers are hygienic and sanitised. The equipment they need to carry is minimal and we were aware that they didn’t need a transit van to reach customer sites. The Renault Twizy was an ideal solution in terms of the size, cost, and flexibility – and we were able to get it highly branded thanks to the involvement of a local vehicle branding company.

We think it looks great and stands out from the crowd. Emphasising our environmental vision and our intention to innovate our product & service offering.

We are offering a free Vinebago – – to the first five people who manage to photo the vehicle while out and about in London. Send in your photo and contact details to

With our Renault Twizy now on the road we will be sanitising your water cooler with style.

The Water Delivery Company
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