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Design Trends with Water Coolers

The-Water-Delivery-Company-Water-cooler-designDue to their rising popularity in both the home and office, water coolers have become a component to be considered when it comes to interior design. With so much focus on the look that can be achieved by various design methods, and the personality it can give a space the business that works in it, we believe it’s important to take a look at some of the latest trends involved in the incorporation of water coolers into an office or home. Take a look at some of the ideas we most loved and perhaps you’ll find the inspiration you need to bring some water cooler balanced décor into your world.

Use your cupboard space
The-Water-Delivery-Company-Water-cooler-in-cupboardWhile we at The Water Delivery Company believe that all water coolers are beautiful, we also acknowledge that they can sometimes tamper with the overall aesthetic of a room – particularly if you are one of those people who prefers to have a place for everything and everything in its place. We recommend investing in some of your cupboard space as the perfect place for keeping your water cooler. By altering the cupboard door to feature a panel that slides up and down as needed, you can also provide thirsty visitors with easy access to the water cooler’s faucets without having to see them every time you walk into the room.

Invest in an under sink water dispenser

When it comes to clean living, a water dispenser that fits under the sink can be an absolute blessing! With two faucets at the top, you can easily gain access to the dispenser’s chilled, filtered water or lessen the amount of time it takes to get your coworkers their coffee fix with the hot water faucet. While water coolers with both hot and cold water faucets are incredible investments for companies when it comes to their employees’ wellbeing and lessening the amount of time they take to grab a cup of coffee, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the overall look and feel of the space. Under sink dispensers are easily hidden away and provide immediate access to water without the need for replacement water bottles or any other components, since they’re plumbed into the water mains and can therefore provide as much water as needed.

Optimize the space

In some cases, we understand that you’ve already invested in a bottled water cooler and readjusting things to make for a different design can be a bit too difficult. This is where we would recommend making the most of the space that is used. Having a water cooler around lets your employees, family and visitors know that you care enough to provide them with access to clean, fresh water that is filtered from potentially harmful substances. In the case of the water bottles, storing them can be a nightmare and provide many an interior design faux pas. However, the Water Bubble System is here to save the day – and your design! Not only does the System look stylish and contemporary, but it can also be altered to the configuration that best suits the space in which it’s set. It can also feature a flat surface on the top to store cups, cordials and other water bottle accessories, making it the perfect water bottle storage solution for your office or home.

As we have discovered, you can provide your employees or family with access to clean water without compromising on the design of your office or home. Feel free to contact us today so that we can figure out how you can get the best of both worlds, by looking stylish and staying hydrated.

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