How to Tell Which Water Cooler to Buy

The-Water-Delivery-Company-which-water-coolerNo longer only an accessory for the office, water coolers have become a safe and convenient must-have appliance for the home as well. Not only does its presence inspire people to drink more water, but the water it provides has also been filtered so that no harmful substances are found in it.

When trying to decide on what hydration solution you ought to invest in, there can be a lot of information to contend with. For starters, there are both water coolers and water dispensers, and there are also a number of other factors – such as water bottle delivery – to consider. That’s why we are taking a looking at some important buyer tips you might need when thinking about buying a water cooler or dispenser for your office or home.

What’s the difference?

While both the water cooler and water dispenser are dispensers (we know, surprising right?) the latter is not necessarily a water cooler. This is because there are generally two types of water dispensers on the market: the first does not cool the water, and the second does. Both the water cooler and dispenser can accommodate water bottle, meaning that you can sip of spring water delivered to your office or home on a regular basis.  All water coolers chill the water and can either come bottled (as mentioned above) or joined to the water mains to ensure continuous access to water without the need for restocking the water bottles.

This means that you should decide what is most suitable for you – are you able to take delivery of water bottles on a regular basis, and if so, can you afford to? Or does it work out more economical for your massive office with hundreds of employees to use a water cooler connected to the water mains? Is chilled water even a must, or can a regular non-electric water dispenser do the trick? Answer these questions and you’ll be on your way to deciding which hydration solution is the best for you.

Countertop vs. Free Standing

Both water coolers and water dispensers can come in a countertop or free standing unit. The former requires placement on a counter for access to its water, while the latter can be placed anywhere in the office or home, so long as it has access to a plug point (in the case of a bottled cooler) or an agreed upon water main (in the case of a mains fed water cooler).

No matter whether you choose the countertop or free standing versions, it’s important you consider how the cooler or dispenser is to be used. If it’s in your kitchen and only used by your family, then a countertop unit can be best – only if you have the space to spare however! If you’re in an office where traffic to the water cooler promises to be high, then a free standing unit that can be placed where it’s most needed – and out of the way of the onslaught of coffee cups – will be best.

Additional features

No matter whether you choose a water dispenser or a water cooler, both of them will have at least one faucet for access to the water it provides. However, it can also be an option for there to be a hot water faucet too – a must for any office where many minutes can be lost in a day just waiting for the kettle to boil! If you’d like to invest in a unit with a hot water faucet in your home, make sure it comes with a safety child lock so that you children are kept safe from any potentially nasty hot water accidents.

When it comes to deciding whether you need just a cold water faucet or a hot water one too, it’s all about how you plan to use it. If at home, you have a kettle that provides the single cup of coffee that you need in the morning before you go to work, then a hot water faucet isn’t much of a necessity. But if you’re an employer whose work force are held up at the kettle as they await their latest caffeine fix, a hot water faucet could be a worthwhile investment to keep your team productive throughout the day.

While there are many things to consider when it comes to investing in a water cooler, it’s pivotal that you take the time to decide what is best for you. Once you’ve figured out what your family or workforce will need, you can set about trying to find the water cooler or dispenser that best fulfills those needs.

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