The Water Delivery Company Mains Fed Coolers vs Bottled Water Coolers

Mains Fed Coolers vs Bottled Coolers

The-Water-Delivery-Company-Mains-Fed-Coolers-vs-Bottled-Water-CoolersHere at The Water Delivery Company we believe it’s important to take notes of the trends that take place in the water cooler industry, and to educate our customers and those who are interested as to why these trends may be taking place and how they can decide which water cooler is the best solution for them, whether it follows the trend or goes against it.

That’s why we’ve decided to take a look at mains fed water coolers vs bottled water coolers. Recent statistics have shown a steady rise in the popularity of the mains fed cooler, while the interest in bottled coolers has remained reached a plateau, slightly below the levels of interest its enjoyed in previous years. We’re going to look at the difference between these water coolers, and try to help you figure out which hydration solution is the best one for your specific needs.

Mains Fed Coolers

AMains-Fed-Water-Cooler-The-Water-Delivery-Company major upside to the mains fed (or plumbed) water coolers is that they offer an unlimited supply of filtered water at a fixed cost. Because they are linked, by an accredited plumber, to your mains water supply, they never require a bottled water which means that they never run out of water.

There are a variety of mains fed water coolers on the market, but most will filter the water that it dispenses, ensuring that you get the best of bottled water without the risk of drinking mains supply water. The reason these coolers are an affordable option is because there is never any need to change out the heavy bottles of water or worry about water storage. This means you’re able to have them installed and then only ever pay for their maintenance and sanitisation.

These types of water coolers are best suited to what we call “high traffic” areas. These areas are generally considered to be office areas, where a large number of employees will be using the same cooler as their source of fresh, chilled water.

How is a mains fed cooler installed?

A mains fed cooler  needs to be connected directly to the mains water supply with food grade flexible tubing. We’ve built relationships with a number of plumbers and professionals who we believe are the right guys for the job, since they have a range of experience when it come to installing these unites. Because of its need to be connected, there can be limitations when it comes to the positioning of the units. Once the water is connected, it is pushed through a carbon-based water filter system which removes 99.99% of its impurities, after which it is chilled or heated in the same manner as a bottled water cooler. We offer a free site survey when you first contact us about our mains fed water coolers, so that we can locate and agree upon the position for your cooler before we make an appointment for an installation engineer to install it.

Bottled Coolers

The-Water-Delivery-Company-Bottled-CoolerThe bottled water cooler is a stylish way to dispense premium quality water in both the residential and business environment. Once you’ve decided on a bottled cooler, there is no need for a pre-arranged visit to decide where you can put your cooler – all you need is a plug point in which you can plug your machine and after thirty minutes or so, you’re ready to start sipping on fresh, chilled spring water.

With a bottled water cooler there are a variety of considerations to take into account, such as sanitisation services and water bottles. When you order your cooler from us, you’re also able to take out a contract for water bottle delivery that will ensure your home or office is never left high and dry. If you do have several bottle delivered at once, then you also need to factor in how you’re going to store the bottles before they’re used. Luckily for you, we’ve developed a handy “Water Bubble” storage system that is 100% modular so you can choose the configuration that best suits you and your space.

When it comes to bottled water coolers, there are many great brands on the market and The Water Delivery Company stocks many of them. A big plus is that there is a counter top version that can easily be added to your existing setup without taking up too much space. Bottled water coolers can easily be moved around the space of your office or home, which provides them with a great deal ore flexibility over the mains fed water coolers. The major difference is the bottled water, but this can luckily – and quite easily – be delivered to you on a regular basis by a reliable water bottle delivery company, such as ours.

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