Our Water Coolers – Back in The Thick of It!

After a blog post last year touted our elation at one of our labelled 19-litre water cooler bottles (unbeknownst to us) found its was onto one of the BBC’s leading series, we’re glad to announce that we’re back in the spotlight.

*Spoiler Alert!*

One of our water coolers has beat back the competition to clinch its fifteen minutes of fame as a trusty provider of chilled water to the coalition government in The Thick of It. In the episode Stewart Pearson takes Peter Mannion to a “Thought Camp” at a remote country house hotel, in an effort to re-engage the coalition party with the creative cloudscape – no phones, no iPads, nothing. Needless to say, Peter is less than excited about spending the Easter weekend “imagineering” with Stewart, Emma and a bunk of party workers.

While they’re away and out of mobile phone range, Phil is surprised to find the offices less than deserted. Glenn is working on the Fourth Sector backlog, while Fergus has arranged to meet with a young (and very attractive) economist who wants to start a bank. Things quickly spiral out of control as political hell is let loose when an unexpected and tragic news story breaks.

How this episode ends we will keep a secret. But it needs to be said, that is only someone had thoughts quickly enough, then the chilled and reviving spring water from our (very good looking) cooler could have helped things turn out a little differently…



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