What’s the Best Water Cooler for Your Office?

The-Water-Delivery-Company-Best-water-coolers-for-youWhen it comes to choosing a water cooler solution for your office, there are a variety of options that can work. Presented here is a review of the pros and cons of the different types of water coolers that we supply, and hopefully a helping reference you can use when choosing the best water cooler for your office.


Bottled Water Coolers

Available as either a countertop water cooler or a floor standing unit, the bottled water coolers offer a stylish way to dispense premium quality water to employees in the office. Bottled water coolers can be useful in that they allow you to choose the type of bottled water that is used in the water cooler, such as our bottled spring water for example. The downside to the bottled water coolers comes in the amount of water in these bottles has a limit, and unless a frequent delivery is arranged, the bottle will finish. Suitable to carry 9L and 12L water bottles however, this can be the ideal water cooler solution for a smaller office with fewer employees who want access to premium quality water.

Plumbed in Water Coolers

Should your office consist of more employees who wants unlimited access to cool water, we would recommend the plumbed in water cooler systems. Also available as a countertop or floor standing unit, the plumbed in water coolers work with your office’s water supply, allowing office workers to make use of it throughout the day. While these water coolers offer the stability of fixed costs, it can require the services of a plumber to install which can add extra costs in the beginning. However, it may be worth investing in a plumbed in water cooler system as a long term solution to office water needs.

The Water Delivery Company

Whether you want to rent or buy a water cooler for your office, The Water Delivery Company will not only be happy to help you but we’ll also give you assistance every step of the way when it comes to finding and maintaining the water cooler of your choice. Visit our website and don’t hesitate to contact us to get you one step closer to a refreshing glass of clean and cool water.

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