Water in Space

Water in Space Part One

The-Water-Delivery-Company-Water-in-SpaceThe Water Delivery Company have been following a series of experiments by the Canadian Space Agency looking at how water in space reacts differently to water on planet earth.

You may think we have better things to do during the hottest summer since 2007, but a busy day at work doesn’t stop the mind being overly active in the evenings. Which strangely led us to a Youtube clip filmed on the ISS looking at whether it is possible to wring out water from a cloth in space. How does water react within a zero gravity environment?

CSA Astronaut Chris Hadfield performed a simple science experiment designed by Canadian school children, looking at the effect of surface tension in space using a wet wash cloth.

As you watch the video you can see that the water squeezes out of the cloth, and then because of the surface tension of the water it runs along the surface of the cloth and then up into your hands. It is impossible to wring water out of a cloth in space.

The video courtesy of the Canadian Space agency is below for your enjoyment.

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