Wooden Crate for Glass Water Cooler Bottle

Glass Water Cooler Bottles

Regular visitors to our blog will know of our love of the original glass water cooler bottles that dominated our industry until the early 1980’s when PET reared its head.

Glass Water Cooler Bottle

Wooden Crate used to safely transport glass bottles

The design of many of these glass water cooler bottles was often very high quality and brands such as Great Bear spent not inconsiderable amounts of money on manufacturing beautiful bottles.

The glass bottles were obviously less robust and therefore most bottles came with a wooden crate which they would be transported to and from the customers inside.

We are fortunate to receive many images from individuals in the USA of bottles that are now sitting in garages as pieces of history.

You can find out more on these bottles by looking at the category focused on them on this website. We do purchase glass bottles from American and beyond for our private collection and interested parties should contact us through our holding company RT7.



Detail on Base
Date stamp on base of bottle
Wooden Crate used to safely transport glass bottles


Base of Wooden Crate


Burned Branding in the base


Detail on the wooden crate
The full Great Bear glass water cooler bottle


An earlier example shown from another collector


Available with the original wooden crate


Early Great Bear Logo


Early Great Bear Logo


Significantly more simple design

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