BWCA 2013 - Rob Innes

The BWCA 2013 | Sent to Coventry

BWCA conference 2013So the BWCA 2013 mothership has landed in Coventry, and although representatives of The Water Delivery Company are in attendance, I am sorry to say that I am unable to make the conference event this year.

Dan Oakley and Rob Innes are in attendance and are sending regular missives regarding the event and Nick Swan’s new hairpiece.

As an industry, the water cooler companies in the UK do work together to put forward a positive message to customers and other parties, and the BWCA is a fundamental part of this. Our recent membership is a good reflection of the positive reputation that they have in the industry.

We are planning for a long term involvement in the water cooler industry – we have already survived since 2003 – and are working towards a collective position of strength alongside the BWCA.



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