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We all grow up, even water cooler websites..

Water Cooler Website

Say it loud and proud on the World Wide Web!

At The Water Delivery Company we have learnt a lot over the years. It is not just our customer base that has grown, our website has too. Old age catches up with all of us at some point (however much water we drink to stay healthy) and it just happens that we were searching through the archives and stumbled across some of the first instances of The Water Delivery Company’s online persona.

This instance was our water cooler blog site circa 2009. Our new blog can now be found here.

Do you have any old company websites to share? Maybe you have some hiding in the dark recesses of your company server that you would rather keep quiet about, why not share them for all to see, just add your comments in below if you are feeling brave.

Our website launched in 2007 can be found on a Root7 server, and our first website under our first brand “Aquome” is well worth a look.

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