seawater to drinking water

Cornwall pair turn seawater into drinking water

seawater to drinking water

Turning seawater into drinking water is a realistic prospect for the near future.

A potentially “world-changing” concept using the power of the ocean to convert sea water into drinking water has been designed by two entrepreneurs from Cornwall.

The pair came up with the idea after travelling and seeing water-related health problems across the world for themselves, such as children in Mozambique with cataracts contracted by drinking unsafe water. RCH Marine Renewables’ Russ Henman and Chris Hassell’s idea of harnessing wave power in island and coastal communities without safe water has won them £100,000 at the Ignite 2012 competition for new Cornish businesses. The next step is to build a full-scale prototype to test in Cornwall early next year and then a full commercial pilot in the Pacific Ocean.

Mr Henman said: “It is a simple, robust system but one which could make a huge difference.

“It does not need anything but waves and each unit can produce 2,000 litres of water per day.

“It is a self-contained unit, with a buoy and a pump system a few hundred metres offshore and a hose pipe back to shore.

“The Pacific has a large number of remote communities and islands with bad water supply. They need a large amount of diesel to run which is a high cost.

“We have both travelled and seen how important water is to people and this has evolved into a company.”

If successful, the pair will work with aid organisations and charities to get the sea water into drinking water systems to the places that need them.

The Water Delivery Company guarantees the drinking water we provide for our customers is clean and safe. Unfortunately, some people aren’t lucky enough to have this guarantee with their water supply; hopefully innovative projects such as this will change that in the near future.

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