Our Water Coolers In the Thick of It

Having enjoyed a partly Scottish upbringing I then moved to London to start up a water cooler business, and had hoped that the spectre of angry Scotsmen was well-behind me. In fact let me back track slightly and omit all my extended family from that cliched view of a Scotsman.

So you leave the spectre of those evil uncles north of the border and try to make a go of it in the big smoke,  trusting & hoping that the water coolers would be free from angst that only mining jute can wreak upon a nation. Nine years of peace are suddenly blown away when I find that – unbeknown to us – our water coolers and bottles have been embraced by the BBC. Finally bowing to the soothing overtures of pound notes the BBC have decided to accept the soothing overtures/evil of corporate product placement.

The angry Scotsmen are still with us all – but they are at least promoting our products internationally (note our labelled 19 litre bottle please).

water delivery the thick of it Our Water Coolers In the Thick of It


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