bottled water brand Lady Gaga

Ga-Gasping for a drink? Lady Gaga to launch own bottled water

bottled water brand Lady Gaga

The star is preparing to unveil her own bottled water.

Lady Gaga is known for her making her mark in the worlds of music and fashion. However, she is set to step foot into a new industry – the world of bottled water.

In quite an unusual turn, Lady Gaga has decided to launch her own “healthy drinking water brand”, using her status as an idolised celebrity to try and encourage people to ditch the fizzy and drink more water.

While the prototype of the bottle remains a closely-guarded secret, her design team are said to be working hard on producing something which reflects both the vision for the water and the Lady herself, and the product is due for launch very soon.

Whilst celebrities may not be the most knowledgeable or reliable when it comes to providing us with top-quality water, it is great that such high-profile names are lending themselves to the cause of promoting smart choices when it comes to drinking water.

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