Karoo Mineral Water

Karoo Mineral Water – photo taken at Coffee on the Rocks in Stanford, near Hermanus (Southern Cape).

Our favourite thus far in our study of bottled water served in South African restaurants and hotels. The bottle has a really nice blown design and the clear labelling markets the product as a premium high end product.

The manufacturers description states that “This award-winning South African water comes in a stunning glass bottle. The medium mineral content water from a pristine source has a very favorable pH and low nitrate levels. Karoo comes from a source on the Paardeberg granite massif, part of the Malmesbury Group and the  ape Granite Suite. The bottling company dug out and bricked in the area surrounding the spring to protect it from the elements. The water reaches the bottling facility through a pipeline. There is neither habitation nor agriculture in the mountain veld from which the spring absorbs rainwater.”

Karoo Natural Mineral Water is sourced and bottled at Paardeberg, near Paarl, on the Weltevrede Estate. More information on the brand see www.karoo.co.za.

Our only point of contention is that this is the first manufacturer that we have seen who exports their water globally. The environmental footprint of exporting types of water around the world is something we strongly stand against – locally sourced natural – spring or mineral – water is always available and local markets should be enough for local manufacturers. Explore this fully and make the most of your own market. Interestingly this company also import foreign manufactured waters such as Voss and therefore the lunacy is doubled.

The spring water that we sell in the UK is bottled for water coolers and sold to our customers across London.

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