La Vie De Luc rears it’s ugly head again in Ocean Basket

More on our series on the bottled waters found in restaurants around Cape Town. The concept behind this project was to map out the different ways in which bottled water is served across South Africa and also the major bottlers.

Since we started this about five weeks ago it has been good to note that there are very few imported waters available (eco-green stuff is good), and that most of the water sold in Cape Town is bottled in the surrounding areas. There have been a fair spread between mineral water and purified waters, and certainly within supermarkets the dominance of the purified waters from Nestle and Danone continues in another area of the world

Almost all the water that we have found thus far has been bottled by ‘La Vie De Luc’ which supplies “mineral water sourced from deep within the granite mountain of the Franschhoek winelands in the Cape of Good Hope”.

‘La Vie De Luc’ do a lot of own label stuff for restaurant chains like Ocean Basket who have designed a really effective printing on the bottle.

Coming soon will be a study of Coca Cola’s own brand water for South Africa – Valpre. You can do your own research on

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