Bottled Waters of Cape Town, South Africa

The small pack bottled water that is sold in restaurants is a small part of our business but always raises our awareness when out and about dining etc.

Smaller pack water covers waters that are served in one-trip bottles and normally is available in sizes under 1.5 litres (330ml, 500ml, 750ml and 1.5litre) and are often a large part of any debate about the environmental concerns over bottled water. Our pet hate in the UK is bottles of water on the tables of restaurants from mainland Europe which often have to travel a long way (geographically and environmentally) before landing in front of us on a table covered with Tapas. There is no good reason why it shouldn’t be an English Bottled water on the table.

Customers in many restaurants in the UK now also have the choice between bottled water, tap water or increasingly a filtered water served from a water marque. The restaurant has a choice about what type of water is served and bottled water is still requested by many customers – in this case we plead with them to only offer water sourced and bottled in England rather than further afield.

Which brings us on to our study of South Africa – and more specifically restaurants around Cape Town. At what stage is the market at here, and what are the options offered to customers.

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