Water companies need to clean up their act


Water companies in Britain aim to reduce complaints about their service, ensuring people get the most out of their water.

Some water companies have vowed to improve after they were named among the most complained about in the country.

The annual figures, released by the Consumer Council for Water (CCW), reveal that South East Water (SEW) was the most complained about in England and Wales in the last financial year.Southern Water came in as third worst. SEW had a total of 147 complaints per 10,000 customers, with Southern racking up 64 per 10,000 customers. Steve George, customer services director at SEW, viewed the rise as “unusual”. Mr George said: “The results we’re seeing for 2012 show we are back on track to see our lowest level of customer complaints in five years.” Nationally, complaints fell by 12% across all water companies for the fourth year in a row.

Southern Water director of customer services, Kim Salmon, said she was “disappointed” with its increase following a 75% drop in complaints since 2007/08. She said: “Providing the best possible service to our customers is a priority and we are looking at areas of our business which cause our customers the most dissatisfaction. “We will be focusing our resources and expertise in improving these areas.”

Tony Smith, CCW’s chief executive, said: “Water is currently a monopoly industry, but companies must not rest on their laurels and assume that they can get away with delivering poor service. Today’s consumer expects more than that and we will continue to support them in demanding a consistently good level of service across the country.” Customer service is of utmost importance to The Water Delivery Company, and we always ensure that our customers have the best experience with us; we hope that water companies will strive harder to achieve the same!

The Water Delivery Company
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