Berrington Spring Water

Berrington Spring WaterThe Water Delivery Company have recently changed their supplier of small pack spring water to Berrington Spring Water – restarting a relationship from 2003.

Our main business in the UK is delivering spring water for water coolers in either 19 litre or 12 litre bottles – and this part of the business has been our mainstay for over ten years. However in certain situations a bottled or mains-fed water cooler is simply not a suitable way of dispensing water within an office or home. To this end, early on in our business we started to sell spring water in smaller bottles (what our industry calls small pack) of 330ml, 500ml, 750ml and 1.5 litre.

It remains a small but important part of our business.

This year we decided to move back to Berrington for logistically reasons, and also started delivering to their customers across London due to our location in Wimbledon. Berrington Spring Water is now a sizeable operation and we are pleased to be working alongside a team with a great pedigree for quality of their spring water. The spring water comes from an artisan well onsite and is bottled daily and sent up to London by articulated lorry. Customers choosing our small pack water can guarantee a great tasting spring water delivered to their offices or homes.


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