One Trip Water Bottles – The Debate

One trip water bottles for water coolers emerged in the early 2000’s as a viable alternative to the recycled water cooler bottles that dominate the delivery of water in the UK. Normal water cooler bottles are delivered to clients and after use are collected – from there they are industrially cleaned, refilled and then sent back out to clients.

An average water cooler bottle can be recycled up to 100 times and therefore the environmental impact of these bottles is minimal. Recycling a bottle at the end of their life is done through established channels further minimising the environmental impact.

One trip bottles are however different. They are blown from molds at the bottling plant from a less sturdy plastic. Delivered either by courier or through an existing water cooler company, they can be used on top of any water cooler. After use they are refuse and are collected by within your rubbish collection schedule. Although serving purpose we do question the long term environmental impact of these bottles. The pictures attached were taken on a London street in July 2012.

We fully admit that there are vested interests in us seeing the dominance of the multi-trip bottle continue, but we think that there is a stronger environmental reason why customers should look at the impact of one-trip bottles.

The Water Delivery Company
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