RPG-7 PET water bottler launcher

RPG-7 turns water bottles into weapons

RPG-7 PET water bottler launcherThere are many guides to making your own water bottle launcher. But if money is no object, or you just want to treat someone (or yourself) then the RPG-7 PET Bottle Launcher may be the way to go.

Japanese company Maruda have designed this super-charged water bottle launcher; it turns a humble bottle of water into a kind of rocket propelled, water-bottle grenade. With around a 35˚ angle, the RPG-7 can launch a bottle filled with 0.6L of water up to an impressive 35m. Selling for around $361, the RPG-7 is a little pricey, but a lot of fun. And above all, it looks very cool!

It is nice to see that people can get more from their water than just a drink. However, if you are looking to purchase water for a more traditional purpose, The Water Delivery Company sells excellent quality bottled water for drinking to our customers. They may be a little too large to fit into the water bottle launcher, but they sit beautifully on top of a water cooler!

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