Young woman addicted….to water!

Drinking plenty of water is usually seen as a healthy habit and many people need to increase their daily intake.

But for one young mother it is an addiction which causes her to consume a staggering 44 pints a day.

Sasha Kennedy, 26, carries large bottles of water with her wherever she goes and rarely sleeps for more than an hour a night without waking for a drink.

She is forced to go to the toilet up to 40 times every day and has even quit jobs over the lack of quality water in her workplaces. She consumes 5.5 gallons of water over 24 hours.

Miss Kennedy said: ‘If I feel my mouth start to get dry I have to get my next fix of water – it’s all I can focus on. People never really think anyone can drink that much until they get to know me – then they just cannot believe their eyes.

She began nagging her parents for more water, which prompted them to take her to the doctors.

But medical experts confirmed there was nothing wrong with her, and she still has no health problems as a result of her excessive water consumption.

Dr Emma Derbyshire, a nutrition consultant, said: ‘Over-hydrating with any fluid is possible and in extreme cases it can be dangerous, but this is very rare.’

Whilst Miss Kennedy’s case is a little extreme, The Water Delivery Company knows how important it is that we all make sure we are drinking enough water, particularly over the warm summer months. Though the recommended 6-8 glasses is enough!

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