The Water Delivery Company Olympic Rings

Water Deliveries During the Olympics

The Water Delivery Company Olympic Rings
Details regarding deliveries during the games:

We strongly advise that in the lead up to the games where possible extra orders are placed to ensure you have enough stock of bottled Spring Water during the Olympics and Para Olympics.
TWDC have secured extra resources of drivers and delivery vehicles in order to make extra deliveries during the lead up to the games and during the 2 weeks between the Olympics and Para Olympics. We will also have a limited amount of delivery staff available to make night deliveries for those companies that have a high turn over of stock such as restaurants etc and who have staff available to receive deliveries during this time. If a night time delivery is requested it will be delivered on your scheduled delivery day. We unfortunately will need to add a £10 charge per night delivery in order to help cover the extra running costs.
We understand that not all customers are able to store extra stock so we are offering free bottle racks on loan during the events. Each rack stores 3 bottles and can stand next to the water cooler. If you would like to receive a bottle rack on loan at the same time as your delivery of water please either reply to this email or any of the usual emails asking if you would like to place a delivery. We will ensure your request is added onto your next delivery. Please note these racks are limited and are reserved on a ‘first come first served’ basis.
Our staff will be contacting you as usual proactively to see if you would like to receive a delivery in the lead up to the Olympic events with a reminder of the Olympic dates. Please do ensure you order enough stock to cover you during the games. If you require a night time delivery during the games please reply as usual stating that you require the delivery between midnight and 5AM whilst the games are on.
Details regarding road closures and restrictions:

From 25th July to 14th August the Olympic Route Network (ORN) will be in place throughout London. 109 miles of road will be affected by this. Anyone who is not part of the ‘Olympic family’ which consists of 55,000, comprising of athletes, media and sponsors will not be able to use the restricted lanes of the ORN. The Para Olympic Route Network (PRN) runs from 27th August to 11th of September.
To date 9 million tickets have been sold for the Olympics and a further 1.4 million sold so far for the Para Olympics.
The ORN is effective from 5AM to midnight. This means that Transport for London (TFL) will not allow The Water Delivery Company to make deliveries on these roads during ‘normal’ working hours. Although yet to be confirmed the fine for kerbside stops during the prescribed hours is currently set to be £200.
Further to this there are hundreds of restrictions on parking and traffic flow on roads around the ORN and Olympic venues. TFL have also put in place several ‘stop and search’ restrictions throughout London during the games.

Although you may be based outside of the Olympic events your delivery will still be affected as we need to cross London to make your delivery

The link below gives details on the anticipated increase in traffic and congestion;

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