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Most expensive bottled water!

bottled waterWater, a free and natural resource, has become an incredibly lucrative industry, with sales over an astonishing $15 billion dollars per year. We all know bottled water is expensive, considering the cost of the water itself, but the bottled water industry has increasingly become a competition of style. Here are some designer bottles of water…complete with designer price tags!

1) The winner of Most Expensive Water goes to “Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani.” Designed by Fernando Altamirano, the 1.25 ml bottle is equipped with 24-carat gold, spring water from France and the Fiji Islands, and a price tag of $60,000!

2) Second is the Hawaiian brand, “Kona Nigari Water”, with a staggering price tag of $402.00 per 750 ml bottle! The water comes from a depth of 915 feet, and the logo is even state-certified.

3) Number three is the “Fillico” brand. Made in Osaka, Japan, the bottle has gold King and Queen tops and a price of a whopping $219.

4) Next up is the “Bling H2O” brand. With a price of $40+ per 750 ml bottle, and a 9-step purification process, Bling H2O is marketed by celebrities everywhere they go.

5) Last is the “Veen” brand. Produced in Finland, it is priced at a hefty $23 per 750 ml bottle.

Even without the designer input, bottled water is an expensive commodity. The Water Delivery Company, and our sister companies, have a vast range of water coolers and drinking fountains that help avoid paying over the odds for such a vital – and free – resource.

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