Ceramic Water Dispensers

The Water Delivery Company is very open-minded when it comes to water coolers. You have all seen the traditional designs of coolers, but what

ceramic water dispenser 150x150 Ceramic Water Dispensers

Ceramic Water Dispensers

 we have in store for you is unique and unconventional. Ceramic water dispensers. This is not exactly a cooler, but comes very close to it. Let’s not forget that not everybody likes drinking cold water, and there are actually a lot of people who enjoy having drinks with room temperature. Since this is not a mains fed cooler and is not plugged in any electric outlet you are probably wondering is the water going to be warm. The answer is no, because the ceramic container naturally cools the water inside it a little, so it will always have a bit lower temperature than in the room. This dispenser is extremely aesthetic and is smaller than the traditional coolers. It is designed to stand on a desk. It can fit 19-litre water bottle on top and with the bottle, the ceramic dispenser is 64cm tall and 28 cm deep. The 12 litre bottle dispenser is tall 48 cm. This makes is perfect for smaller offices or even for your home office, where it will also compliment the interior. If you do not want to put that directly on your desk, we offer floor and counter stands. Both stands are in natural oak and are very easy to assemble and adjust if there are any uneven surfaces.

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