Water Coolers and Stress Awareness Month

It is about time people realised that drinking water relieves stress and that Water Coolers might help in doing that. This month many health

water coolers and stress awareness month 150x150 Water Coolers and Stress Awareness Month

Water Coolers and Stress Awareness Month

 organizations all over the world are trying to catch peoples attention and teach them about stress and what it does to our health. Many do not even acknowledge that is has anything to do with illness and misinterpret it, but stress is the modern day plague. It affects all of us. Regular exercise, spending time outdoors, sports, good eating habits – this is all a part of a healthy regimen that will reduce the effect stress has on people. But, there is another very important part of this regimen – being hydrated.

This is becoming a real problem nowadays and even if all of us know that drinking water is important we can honestly say that we drink less than recommended. Force yourself to drink water and remind it to the people around you every hour. If you have a water cooler at home or in the office – take advantage of it to the full extent. Take some time to read a few articles about stress and what it does to you and how proper hydrating will help you fight back. Stress Awareness Month is the time to do so and tell all your friends what you have discovered. The more you know about stress, the more convinced you will become that Water Coolers just might be that perfect tool for fighting it.

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