The office water cooler is the place for Romance

Australians love a good big of office water cooler RomanceWe always suspected it, but now it’s official. The office water cooler is, and has always been, the most likely place you’ll meet the love of your life. It’s a place where everyone goes at least a couple of times a day, and makes small talk; somewhere you can get an idea of what someone is like pretty quickly. And then of course there’s the issues of things like, will they let you pour yourself a drink first? And would they change the bottle for you?
According to a study done in Australia, more than a third of workers have confessed that they’ve gotten together with a colleague at some point during their working relationship. Reasons for this include the fact that young people, working together in stressful environments, often confide in each other and thus feel like they’ve found someone who understands them and their needs- something they may feel deprived of if they with a party completely disassociated with their work. Long hours also make socialising difficult, and spending time with the same people or person can often lead to something more…
So there we have it, the office water cooler is the place to hang to big yourself a hottie. Keep us posted on how you get on…

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