Get an office water cooler instead of a pet

Many say that a pet around the office can help workers concentrate and relax them, providing a calming presence when things are going crazy. Not only this, but there is the opportunity of being selected to care for the office hamster/cat/puppy/iguana over the weekend; for some, this responsibility is a career highlight. We, however, believe an office water cooler can in fact provide many of the same benefits as a pet, without any of the cons…if you’re still not convinced, we’ve done a brief “office water cooler vs small animal” list to help you make your mind up:
Small animals:
– Fluffy, can be cuddled, demands attentionget an office water cooler instead of a hamster
– Walk around the office making lots of noise
– Helps employees relax
– Can make mess/need cleaning out

Office water cooler:
– Not fluffy, still performs without receiving cuddles
– Stays in one corner of the office, and remains silent throughout the day
– Helps employees relax/remain hydrated
– No need to clean out yourself, our engineers will do it for you on a quarterly basis.
Now that we’ve convinced you that an office water cooler is a better idea than a kitty or pooch, do get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk you through the best options for you.

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