Great Bear Spring Five Gallon Glass Water Bottle

We promise this is the last in our five gallon (19 litre to you Brits) glass water bottle series – we have blown the novelty water bottle budget for a few years. Our finale is probably our favourite as it also includes the original metal lid that sealed all water cooler bottles for many years. It also comes from a brand – “Great Bear” who have been in business since 1888 which has developed a very loyal following over many years.

The detail we could find on Great Bear is surprisingly limited though. The Great Bear Spring Company manufactures and markets bottled spring water. The company was founded in 1888 and is headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut. Great Bear Spring Company operates as a subsidiary of Nestlé Waters North America Inc.

The company takes its name from a Henry Wadsworth Longfellow poem about the father of Hiawatha who, desperate for water, found a spring and named it Mishemokwa, which means great bear.

The images below were taken on using an Iphone and if customers want higher quality images please email

pp. Recent Great Bear Water Bottle in crate from an interested collector in America. The wooden crate was used to store the glass bottle securely and is rarely seen in such a perfect state.

ppp. Another Great Bear bottle and crate from a collector in the USA. The crate shows sign of wear and tear but some nice detailed shots

Great bear water cooler company glass bottleGreat bear water cooler company glass bottle Crate

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