Watery fun at Thai New Year

We at The Water Delivery Company just LOVE water; that’s why we drink, think about, talk about, write about and of course deliver it to the doors of our beloved clients. But it’s not only the ingestible kind we’re a fan of, oh no. Our Sophie recently travelled to Thailand in search of watery fun at Thai New Year, or Songkran as it’s known to the locals. Every year, around mid-April (although it is dependant on the lunar calendar), the nation takes five days off work in order to hold huge water fights all over the country, during which there is really no avoiding getting wet. Armed with water pistols, buckets, water bottles, or indeed any other container that they can get their hands on, the population gathers in busy areas, or choose to drive around in their car with a full barrel, throwing water at each other and plastering clay on the faces of anyone who comes near. Soph herself said, “It is such a joy to be covered in clay and water, particularly in the heat of Bangkok. I think the key is to embrace the fact that you’re going to get wet and not resist it.I wish we had something like this in the UK- there is so much joy here!”.
If you have any stories from Songkran or any other water-related festival you may have witnessed or participated in, please do get in touch and tell us about your experience!

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