Get yourself into the Office water cooler Crowd

Starting a new job is never massively easy; you’ve got to get in with the boss, show them what you’re made of, you sometimes start at the bottom of the ladder all over again when you’ve been working upwards for many years previously, and then there is of course getting in with the office water cooler crowd. Being accepted into the social circle is sometimes tricky, although essential for office survival. If you’re feeling a little stuck on taking the first steps to get yourself in with the cool kids, try some of our tried-and-tested-and-proved-marvellous tips:
– Bring in cake. You will be popular for at least the rest of the day, trust us. Beware though, don’t fall into the trap of being “cake bringer”, as people will expect a treat from you on many occasions.
– Bring in cool stuff to have on your desk, either random things that people have to ask what they are because they’re so strange, or just exotic trinkets from your travels; you will appear mysterious and interesting to all.
– Be the one who changes the bottle when you finish the water from the office water cooler. You’d be surprised at how sneaky everyone else is with avoiding this simple task, and people will really appreciate your consideration.
So there you have it; fail-safe ways to become instantly popular at work. Happy friend-making!

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