How the recession increased Alcohol consumption

The 2009 recession was a tough time for everyone, with many being made redundant, and money being the worry on everyone’s minds. As incomes decreased, it seemed that the level of alcohol sales in the United States was not going to stop rising, except what consumers were buying was the thing that was changing. Across the board, drinkers reached for cheaper spirits and wines, so that they could still feel like they were able to indulge in a little luxury, even at such a tough time, without necessarily breaking the bank. However, studies also showed that people were drinking more as a way of combating the extra stress, which worried medical professionals. Revenue from customers purchasing alcohol in bars and restaurants also decreased, as people preferred to remain at home to save money.
We at water cooler London always encourage responsible drinking, and also recommend matching your intake with water; numerous benefits come from doing this, including avoiding a killer hangover, and keeping hydrated so your body recovers much more quickly.
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