Water cooler London loves improved river water

water cooler London loves the Environment agencyAlways delighted to hear watery news, we at water cooler London are all smiles after hearing of a new Government initiative to improve the quality of the water in Britain’s rivers. The stretch of land from Lincolnshire to Essex and from Northamptonshire to the coast is home to 758 rivers, all of which will be targeted and helped by the Environment Agency throughout the year and onwards, and the project aims to be finished by 2015. By this time, the rivers should meet standards set by strict EU water quality targets. The aim of the whole project is to ultimately improve the water quality for the river life, such as sea trout and eels, as they will be encouraged to live and breed in these areas, thus improving the fishing economy by a great margin. £254,000 is currently being implemented for work with fisheries to bring the rivers up to scratch.
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