Water cooler fables: The crow and the Pitcher

refill your office water cooler without the aid of pebblesFollowing the roaring success of our water cooler fable recounted in last week’s blog, we thought we’d share another with you, to pass on around the office water cooler and impress all your workmates. This time round, we hear about the clever crow who, upon stumbling across a pitcher of water with a low water level and thus could not quite reach into to drink from, added stones to the water. The level rose and he could easily enjoy his refreshment. The moral/teaching in this particular fable, “necessity is the mother of invention”, certainly rings true with our office water cooler. With lots of thirsty employees, ours keeps them hydrated, their brains ticking over and smiles on their faces, all needed to run a successful business. If you’d like to see how you can help those who work for you keep refreshed and happy, then do get in touch and we’ll be able to talk you through a cooler which might be most suitable for you. And never fear, when the bottle runs out/gets low, there’s no need for pebbles and finding a good way to get them into the bottle. We’ll help you ensure you’re stocked up with reinforcements with regular deliveries to your door.

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