Aquatina Water Bottle from The Water Delivery Company

The innovative Aquatina Drinking Water Bottle – As seen on Dragon’s Den

  • London, 27 July, 2010: The Water Delivery Company is pleased to announce the launch of the Aquatina – an economically friendly, collapsible drinking bottle. The Water Delivery Company will be stocking the Aquatina and will be distributing the Aquatina to its wholesale customers across the UK and Europe. We are also selling the Aquatina through various online sales channels.
  • This exciting new product is available for purchase for the general public now through The Water Delivery Company at   The Aquatina has a capacity of 500ml when fully extended and collapses down to 1/3 of its original size and is then easily fitted into a pocket or a handbag.
  • To transport one litre of bottled water takes about a quarter of a litre of oil and seven litres of water, refilling an Aquatina time and time again is extremely environmentally friendly. The Aquatina has been launched alongside the ‘Find a Fountain’ campaign which will help Londoner’s to refill their drinking bottle at locations across the capital –   We are working on extending this information service across the UK.
  • Interested retailers should first contact Tom Carmichael on 0845 500 1215. For more information on the press release – AQUATINA PRESS RELEASE.
The Water Delivery Company
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