Water Bottle Sculpture is a Triumph

In a recent blog of ours, we brought you thrilling and exciting news of Tom Boyd, who built some really super looking sculptures out of bottles that he acquired from yours truly, The Water Delivery Company. When we heard what he wanted them for, to create some art which promoted the idea of using sustainable resources to make groovy things, which also fashioned the idea of using said resources carefully in our fragile world, where many of the things we take for granted are running out. Having gone down such as storm at Glastonbury festival, Tom has since sent us some lovely dusk-time photos, which really enhance the majesty of his sculpture, and show us what a feat he has undertaken with this project.
If you have photos or stories of a time you used water bottles, or indeed another other material to make some art with a message, then please do get in touch and we’ll share your creation with our readers. Who knows, it could be the break into the brutal world of art that you need. We’ll happily take some of the credit.
The Water Delivery Company
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