Water cooler London learns a thing or two from Bolivia

water cooler London takes advice from BoliviaWe’re quite a well travelled lot at water cooler London (have we mentioned that before?), and only last year we journeyed to the beautiful country of Bolivia, where we learnt a thing or two about saving water. In the stunning desert, where electricity is switched off at 8pm every night, there is no hot water to help you warm up before a cold winter evening. You get out of the shower quick sharp, let us tell you. During a time where climate change is real and happening, we think we can all do our bit to help keep our precious supply intact for as long as possible. Really simple things such as making sure your taps are turned off properly, and won’t be letting out any cheeky drips whilst you’ve got your back turned, and using the shower instead of the bath mean that before you know it, you’re saving litres of water without feeling like your green behaviour is inhibiting your lifestyle.
If you have any questions or queries about our products, or indeed would like to brag about how you’re doing your bit to save the planet, please do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you. Happy water saving!

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