Hold water cooler Wimbledon style party

help andy murray become a champ with water cooler wimbledonAfter our good friend Andy’s second place achievement in the Australian Open, the nation is pinning their hopes on him for a win at Wimbledon this summer. To show support for our favourite Scotsman, why not gather all your friends and family round at yours, ply them with tennis-related nibbles (such as energy bars, carrot sticks, bananas and of course various flavours of tortilla chips), hand round drinks poured straight from your fantastically convenient and useful water cooler, and get into the swing of hosting a water cooler Wimbledon style party? Dress code could include those charming white shorts, sweat bands, maybe even a scarf of two if you’re really keen to look like the pros. Let’s face it, tennis is a whole lot better when you’ve got people around you to get excited with, and our Andy really does need as much support as possible to help him defeat that pesky Federer. And naturally, any good host keeps their guests fed and watered, and what better way to do so with one of our water coolers.
If you have any questions about our products, or how we’ll be supporting Andy this summer, do get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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