Water Cooler Balham: The long awaited feature

water cooler Balham feature starts productionIt’s been a while since there was a decent film made about a water cooler, and that’s why we love the idea of producing one. We have in fact made a new friend recently- the lovely James, who just happens to be studying for a PhD (yes, we know, very clever indeed) in film at Reading University, and so we thought we’d have a little chattette with him about our proposal for “Water Cooler Balham: The Archway Journey”. We took along our (very loose) plan for a script and story, and patiently waited outside his very important looking office, with the very important looking cat hanging around, until it was time to go in…
“Well” said he, “It’s definitely not something I’ve ever thought about before as being the subject of a film”. We began to get excited. “The subject matter is of course riveting, and I loved the bit about how the engineers responded in record time to the leaking bottle”. That was our fave bit too, said we. “Yes”, mused James, and then after a long pause, “Maybe you shouldn’t give up your day jobs just yet. But who knows, there may be a market for this sort of thing in a couple of years time”.
We certainly hope so. Watch this space…

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