Water Cooler London stories: part Two

Following the unprecedented success of last week’s instalment of “Water Cooler London Stories: Bonkers things people say”, Sophie once again earns several brownie points just for being, well, nosy. And for keeping her little ears pricked up in anticipation of juicy stories or bizarre conversations. This time Sophie was in a well-respected club, on a well-respected part of Clapham High Street, having a well-respected gin and tonic at the bar:
Girl: (having presumably just met the man with which she’s conversing) So, what do you do?
Man: I play rugby.water cooler London eavesdrop on rugby chat
Girl: Oh right….so what’s your job.
Man: Yeah, I play rugby.
(Girl looks impressed)
Man: Have you heard of the London Wasps?
(Girl looks considerably more impressed and nods head)
Man: I play for them. Oh, and this is my mate Jon, he plays for the Harlequins…have you heard of them?
We always like to know that our readers keep a keen ear out for exciting conversations as well, so do let us know if you’ve heard any corkers whilst going about your daily business. We’d love to continue this mini-series, and maybe you can help!
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